About Warriors Wanted

Welcome to Warriors Wanted

First off, let me congratulate you. You are one of the few that are committed to making a positive change in your life. Did you know that only 23% of Americans get an “adequate amount of exercise”? Among those, even fewer are committed to the grueling task of taking their bodies to peak physical condition. It is difficult to accomplish this for a number of reasons, the largest being education. The majority of individuals work out in basic form simply because they do not know any better. To take their fitness to the next level, they need to hire specialized trainers, spending thousands for a well rounded, life changing program.  Well, we are here to break the wheel. 

Our goal is to deliver high quality fitness courses that not only give you killer workout routines – they teach you WHAT you are training, WHY you are training, and HOW to create your own fitness programs moving forward. Let me make one thing clear – if you are here for a garbage, hour long workout video that you can mindlessly follow, you are in the wrong place. We want Warriors. Individuals that are willing to put in the time and the effort to forge their bodies, sharpen their minds, and strengthen their spirits. These courses will change you. This community will better you. Do you have what it takes?

What is the Warrior Athletic Training System?

First thing’s first. In the following post, you’ll learn about WATS, the Warriors Athletic Training System, and how we utilize a revolutionary, integrated training model to excel your performance to the highest possible level. Read through this if you:

  • Want to learn about the Warriors Wanted fitness approach
  • Are ready to take your athletic performance to the next level
  • Are tired of sub-optimal gains

Note: This article is written for all levels of performance and knowledge. The following section will explain the bolded headline in depth, and will wrap up with a TLDR portion explaining it all in laymen’s terms, so that everyone may understand the point offered. If you are having trouble understanding this section, the TLDR portion will explain it without all the fluff. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

“Why WATS?” A Comprehensive Approach

Traditional strength and conditioning programs focus on strength gains in isolated muscles, primarily utilizing one plane of motion in the given exercise (think of seated barbell bicep curls). This leads to impressive aesthetics, but fails miserably to produce optimal athletic performance. You are developing muscles independently of each other, neglecting the natural movement patterns that produce complete, synergistic, and usable strength. For example:

  • Ron can do a seated, isolated, bicep barbell curl with 100 lbs for 8 reps, 3 times
  • Ron cannot pick up and carry a 100 lb bag of sand 50 feet to pour for his kids sandbox

Why? Ron has ripped biceps. He should be able to carry that same weighted bag of sand, right? No. Ron has been focusing on traditional weight lifting. His synergistic stabilizer muscles cannot handle the uneven load the sandbag produces, and his weak core musculature cannot stabilize and distribute the heavy load to allow proper walking and movement patterns. As a result of his improper training, Ron hurts himself trying to carry the load. His large prime movers pick up the slack for his weak stabilizer muscles, leading to muscular imbalances and injury. Congrats Ron, you played yourself.

TLDR: Ron has been training his muscles in an inefficient manner. Traditional weight lifting and “gym strength” does NOT translate to true, usable strength. Ron has been focusing on his ‘show’ muscles, and forgot about the small muscles that actually help him to move and control heavy loads properly. As a result, Ron hurts himself and can’t go to work. Ron cant afford food for the table. Ron can’t afford his mortgage. Now Ron is homeless, and has a stinky beard that he stashes cheetos in. Ron needs to switch up his training program to an integrated approach. Ron needs Warriors Wanted.

Okay, so don’t be a Ron. An integrated training program focuses on developing the following:

  • Functional Strength – Ability of the neuro-muscular skeletal system to efficiently produce force, reduce force, and stabilize the entire body during functional movement
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency – Allows and enhances the central nervous system’s ability to control musculature (including the protagonists, antagonists, stabilizers, and neutralizers), providing optimal movement during athletic performance.

We will accomplish the above by designing programs that include:

  • Flexibility
  • Core work
  • Balance training
  • Plyometric exercise
  • Speed agility and quickness training
  • Resistance training
  • Metabolic energy system training.
Our courses are designed to be integrated and trained together, meaning the whole puzzle looks a lot better if you have all of the pieces. With that being said, each course may serve as a stand alone unit. If you are looking for specific training, feel free to cherry pick the courses to your liking.

Remember – Real life is complex. Movement and everyday strength requires multiplanar movements (movement forward, backward, diagonally, side to side). If you are an athlete, or partake in any athletic activity (sports, obstacle course racing, running, swimming, triathlons, etc etc etc), this is magnified one hundred fold. Traditional strength training just won’t cut it anymore!

Still with me? Good. Let’s dive into our training system and three step model below. 



Complete Training System

As mentioned above, Warriors Wanted utilizes a complete training system, meaning, we train all aspects of the body, not just one component. For example, many systems just focus on weight lifting/strength training, completely ignoring other crucial additions of a complete training program. Rest assured, if you are looking for a dynamic, top tier training system, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve developed WATS to focus on the following:


Flexibility is a non-glamorous component often overlooked. Decreased flexibility is decreased range of motion, leading to muscular imbalances, inefficient movement patterns, and injury. Here at WW, we utilize static, dynamic, and active stretching for maximum efficiency and results.

Metabolic Energy System

a.k.a your Cardio-respiratory system. This is easily the most underrated component of typical training programs, and serves as the foundation for your overall fitness and performance. The goal here is to increase the strength and efficiency of the heart, increasing overall fitness, health, and well being.

Core Training

“Core” is such a buzzword in fitness today. People picture a ripped six pack, and commonly believe “ab work” is the only musculature in reference to ‘core training’. One of the most important components of a complete training model, a strong core allows an increase in stability, strength, and power control of your main muscle movers.


The name of the game here is neuromuscular control. Poor balance = poor movement patters and joint dysfunction. This leads to improper form and injury. Here, we are literally training our nervous system to work more efficiently, delivering proper signals to the proper channels, increasing our overall performance and ability.


Pylometric exercises are quick, powerful movements designed to increase rate of force production and stabilization strength. Think box jumps or clapping push-ups.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training

SAQ training puts a focus on proper running mechanics, dynamic agility training, and form management during movement. Our goals here are increased reaction time and explosive dynamic power.

Resistance Training

Muscular fitness and endurance training. Strength and maximal power are our objectives with our traditional weightlifting components.

The training components above produce an extremely comprehensive, well rounded approach to fitness. Our WATS model breaks our training program down into three systematic levels:

Level One – Stability

  • Improve Muscular Endurance
  • Enhance Joint Stability
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Enhance Postural Control
  • Improve Neuromuscular Efficiency

This is accomplished by utilizing an unstable atmosphere + low loads and high reps.

Level Two – Strength

  • Improve overall work capacity
  • Increase Lean Body Mass
  • Enhance Joint Stabilization
  • Increase Muscle Size
  • Increase Max Muscle Strength

Our strength stage is broken down further into three phases – Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy, and Maximal Strength. These phases follow a systematic progression as well, relying heavily on super set training.

Level Three – Power

  • Increase rate of force production
  • Enhance prime mover strength
  • Enhance neuromuscular efficiency

Again, this level is broken down into two phases: Power training and Maximal power training. We utilize heavy weight and complex training super sets as our primary tools.


Remember, isolated training does little to improve overall athletic performance. If you want to take this body to it’s peak levels, you are going to need a comprehensive approach. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado – let’s get started!