Meet Kyle

What’s up Warriors! Thanks for stopping by – I figured I should probably introduce myself straight out of the gate, so you guys have some background info on the dude putting all this together. My name is Kyle Adams, I’m the owner and founder here at Warriors Wanted; I’m a Colorado Native, and have lived quite a varied life so far. I work as a career Firefighter/EMT for a large department here in Colorado, and am currently finishing up Paramedic school. After I finish that, I plan to get my NASM-PES (National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialization), so I can get out there and whip you guys into shape on my days off.

Before firefighting, I worked a number of varied jobs: Indoor skydiving instructor, restaurant manager, private investigator, and server. Prior to these, I was in the US Navy, training to become a SEAL (302). 11 months in, unfortunate events led to a medical drop from training, and later, a medical discharge from the Navy. Through all these landmarks, I’ve obtained numerous valuable insights, namely: interaction with people, the mental overcoming of adversity, and the eradication of physical limits. These are all concepts and traits I hope to bring to the Warriors Wanted community, and share with you all through my blogs, speaking, and training.

I love my current career as a Firefighter, and plan to stick with this for the foreseeable future. It allows great interaction with the community, service to the citizens, and adequate time off to pursue my passion of motivation and leading. My long term goal is to develop a world-wide community of like minded individuals that thrive on self-improvement, and I believe we are well on our way with the creation of Warriors Wanted. I plan to branch out in the near-future to motivational speaking, life coaching, and (within the next year) to high intensity physical coaching (to include workout, diet, and lifestyle).

To no surprise, my main interests are the cultivation of mind, body, and spirit. I believe a healthy balance and incorporation of all three of these elements set the tone for a healthy, enhanced life. The overcoming of the mind is a huge passion of mine through my writing and training, and will be a huge focus for this site. The development of the physical is more of an ‘in-person’ gig at the moment, but I am constantly brainstorming ways to bring that to this online community. I am deeply rooted in spiritual development, and strongly believe it is the underlying (and most important) pillar of the three outlined above, not in a religious sense, but in a ‘finding who I truly am’ sense. I have been strongly into meditation since 2008, and it is one of my life-long goals to eradicate the strange stigma people hold against this practice. It is an incredibly powerful tool for self-transformation, and I believe it has place in each of our lives, separate from our religious beliefs.

I believe that life is about experience, and that experience is what we are here for. I will encourage you through these posts to get out there and grab life by the horns – I believe our lives are a malleable experience we create and mold as we go, and that we can truly do anything we set our minds to. It pains me to see people sit idly by, wishing they could do this or that. It is my hope that each and every one of you will apply what you learn, and create the life that YOU want to see.

You should probably know, I don’t take life too seriously. I am extremely laid back, and believe we spend way too much time and energy worrying and being upset about life. I am constantly joking and laughing, and believe humor to be the greatest asset at our disposal. If you know me, you know I am rarely serious, but I am straight forward with my thoughts, and believe honesty is the best approach. Many of my blogs and writings will be direct; I believe skimming around the point is a waste of time, and the gentle-society approach has done nothing but soften us and make us worse off. I won’t bore you with 10 thousand word blog posts, just so I can hit optimal SEO, I’ll spit out my thoughts so you and I can get on with our lives, hopefully both a little bit better off.

Anyways, I’m babbling, and I should probably go to the gym – ask me anything in the comments below and we can take this discussion further!

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See you guys around!

(P.S. I just got our new Pride hoodie and tri-blend pride t-shirt in the mail. They f**king rock, and that shirt is the softest thing imaginable)