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get the ball rolling, carbs, protein, fats, macro vs micro nutrients.

I'm just brainstorming. Carbs, don't eat that processed garbage! high fructose corn syrup, no. sugar, no. syrup, candy, icecream, doughnuts, soda, fruit punch etc-nooo. Its called brown rice, its whole potatoes with skin, its wheat not white bread, its whole grain pasta not brand x mac n cheese. its fruit for a snack not a granola bar, its purified pure water not tap water, its pure or raw honey, not scoops of sugar. protein, I like yogurt, seeds, nuts, non processed cuts of meat preferably, like salmon, tuna, beef, chicken, pork, buffalo, quail, turkey, duck, armadillo, snakes etc. :p now for fats, remember there are saturated fats that are not necessary, they block the coronary artery which supplies the heart muscle with much needed oxygenated blood. stay with non saturated fats. some call it high density lipids. to keep it simple, its called olive oil, its avocado oil, its coconut oil {a mix between HDL and LDL} egg yolks are also somewhat questionable. if you eat more than four eggs per day maybe you should take some of the yolk out. calorie counting is a thing, but just stick to some general guidelines as a rule of thumb if time does not allow such close analytics, myself included. alcohol and drugs, might as well get risque right, stay away from that stuff. {im a fan of tylenol/ibuprofen at times, my preworkout is packed with caffeine, arginine, b12, niacin..}
quick insight to my planned meals today.
I woke up early and was hungry, had about 1.5 cup of instant oats, with two tablespoons of peanutbutter and wildflower honey, im about to eat a few links of pork sausage with 4 eggs and a small potato, hot sauce. lunch is probably tuna with onions, olives, spicy mustard, relish, garlic powder and wholegrain baked crackers. a few apples as a snack, then some basic mixed veggies stew with potatoes and onions and some shelf bought link sausage. maybe a late night meal is steamed veggies with potatoes and a cut of steak. preferrably i might get a pure whey isolate shake before bed. okay thats all my time for now, feel free to add or critique me, I just want to get the ball rolling. without proper nutrition you are holding yourself back. sleep is also crucial, rest recouperate, relax, breathe deep. its a fight, i believe in you, my input is self help as much as it is just comedy or insight for those trying to walk the thin line or whatever line. new day you got this

I love it dude! Great post to kick things off. I'd totally agree with the perimeters you outlined above, with the addition of "moderation is key" in whatever you do. I do love my donuts.. but I GUESS I'll reach for the banana and peanut butter instead :^)

Awesome, thanks for the response. I cant say I'm perfect but maybe im just venting. I cant help but take the issue of nutrition so seriously, as some doctors might say, nutrition is the real medicine for almost any ailment. well, I will go poke around on the site for a bit, have a great week.