Cold Shower – Master Your Mind

Well howdy-mother-f**king-doo ladies and gents.

I hope everyone is having a stellar week, I know I promised you a new post last weekend, and I failed you. So, to make up, here is a virtual apology. Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about a new long running series we will be running here – Mastering the Mind. Short, sweet little blog posts encouraging you to get control of your noggin and get yo mind right. I’d like to kick things off with one of my favorite mental strength activities..

cold showers.

Burrr. Before you close this page and get back to your pussy warm showers, let me explain. Cold showers are more than a fun past time, they actually have some great health benefits! Let’s explore those below.

Here’s a chick showering in a waterfall. Betcha that’s cold.

The Wonderful Health Benefits of Freezing Water

1. Stimulate Endorphin Release 

Yeah, those little sadistic f**kers in your brain that make you happy? They also love the pain. Cold showers are being explored as a holistic alternative treatment to depression – the cold shock to your system mimics electroshock therapy by flooding your brain with signals. This directly increases your alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Sure, you may not enjoy the shower while you are in it, but I guarantee you will get out feeling refreshed and ready to rock.

2. Improve Circulation 

The longer you spend in the frigid, arctic magma (yeah, oxymoron), the harder your body has to fight to keep your core warm. This sounds like a complete negative, but it actually serves as a nice boost to your circulatory system. Many partakers of cold showers also report clearer, softer skin, which big brains contribute to the improved circulation.

3. Improve Immune System 

Slapping your system with a quick cold shower stimulates your body’s leukocytes. These bad boys are one of your body’s natural body guards, kicking the shit out of any foreign invaders, such as the common cold and the flu. Give your body the boost it needs by waking those little helpers up.

There are many more health benefits to cold showers, but that is not the point of this blog post. If you are curious, I recommend using the almighty Google to look em up. There you will find numerous articles that all have the same exact content in them, and you can numb your mind by comparing and contrasting them all. Or, just take my word for it, and know that by adding this masochistic ritual into your day, you are going to be one healthy, badass mother f**ker. Let’s get on to why I think you should be taking these.

What a stupid picture.

The health benefits of cold showers are great, but they are not why I take them. I like to undress, barely turn on the shower knob, and stand there breathing deep and cursing the practice because it sucks. It forces me out of my comfort zone, and I love that. 99.9% of the time we don’t choose to be uncomfortable. It sucks, why would we? I think you should strive to be uncomfortable. Not at all times, just in short little bursts – it makes you resilient, it makes you tough. Then, when life hands you lemons, you can crush those motherf**kers and make the lemonade everyone always talks about.

The name of the game is to “Be comfortable being uncomfortable”, and it is 100% a mind game. You standing in a cold shower for 3 minutes isn’t going to kill you, it isn’t going to hurt you, it’s literally going to have no impact on your bigger picture of life whatsoever.

So why do it?

Well, just like the cold shower, the majority of life’s problems are small inconveniences, they suck in the moment, but have no real bearing on our life. Take sitting in traffic for instance. We sit there and bitch and moan about how terrible it is to be stuck, and next thing we know we are home, and we never think about how we sat in traffic today ever again. Cold showers are a great primer for the “traffic” of life. Practice being uncomfortable on your own accord and the petty shit will stop affecting you as much. Each time you step in the shower, you will complain. However, each time you step in the shower, you will complain a little bit less. Why? Because you have a hold on yourself. You are able to look subjectively at your mind and at your bitching and say, is that going to help this?

Take that newfound calm to all that you do in life. Each time you see yourself tensing up, stop and ask yourself if it’s going to solve anything.

Get a grasp on your mind, get a grasp on your life.

Did I mention taking a cold shower makes you a badass? Go do it!

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