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Warriors Wanted is a state-of-the-art fitness training site that takes online personal training to the next level. All of our courses are based on cutting-edge fitness science, and backed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. We aim to deliver high quality fitness training courses, all designed to create a smarter, better, faster, and stronger athlete. Whether you are interested in sports-specific training, high level endurance training, or just seeking to elevate your personal fitness knowledge; rest assured, you’ve come to the right place.

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Elite fitness courses are not all we offer here at Warriors Wanted. Connect with fellow Warriors through our community moderated forums, learn something new in our weekly-updated blog, or check your form with our GIF workout library.

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Built for the community, by the community. Our forums are a great place to share your progress, ask course related questions, or to just shoot the shit with your fellow Warriors.

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Expand your knowledge with our weekly blog posts. With topics ranging from "The Science of Lifting" to "Workouts to Turn You Into a Bedroom Animal". We've got something for everyone.

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YOu've got questions.
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We’ve outlined our most frequently asked questions below

What makes Warriors Wanted different?

Warriors Wanted was established to raise the bar in online fitness education. We not only give you killer workout routines - we teach you WHAT you are working out, WHY you are working out, and HOW to create workouts in the future. In essence, we aim to make you your own functioning personal trainer.

What if I'm a complete beginner?

All of our workout courses take a progressive approach, and are designed to incorporate all levels of fitness. You will be better off than most, considering you do not have the bad habits that old school fitness taught. Start the programs from the beginning, and follow the progression!

You don't use many videos in your courses.. Why?

Here at Warriors Wanted, we want to give you the fast track to fitness education. We believe videos are boring as hell, and take ages to get to the point. The videos we do include are short and sweet, and are used as a "wrap up" to cover main points talked about in the course. We believe GIFs are a much better resource for learning fitness form, and utilize them as such.

What's with the name?

Not many people are up to the challenge of mastering their body. Our fitness courses are in-depth, and our workouts are brutal. We are not looking for the faint of heart, we are seeking those with the utmost conviction. Those who are willing to push their body and their mind to the limit. We are looking for modern day Warriors.

I am a personal trainer. Can I use your courses to teach my clients?

Absolutely! Our goal is to spread the NASM performance enhancement methodology far and wide. Once you purchase a course, the information is yours to utilize in any manner you see fit. (hehe, fitness puns)

I am a fitness professional. I'd love to contribute articles to your blog! Can I send you some work?

We are always looking for fitness professionals and content creators. Email us at and submit a sample of your work. We allow self-promotion of personal sites as long as the content is relevant and educational.

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