What’s up, Badass!

I’d like to personally welcome you to Warriors Wanted. I’ve got some big plans for this place, so stick around and see what we’ve got in store! First, I’d encourage you to head over and check out our blog – it’ll give you a good idea of what we are about, and what we’ve got planned for this place. It’s also an all inclusive look inside my mind, which I’ve heard is a strange place.

Our content revolves around the building of three basic principles – Mind, Body, and Spirit. The ethos we follow is simplewe are a group of like minded individuals striving to constantly improve ourselves through the forging of our body, mastering of our minds, and freeing of our spirits. Neat-o. 

Next, join our community by creating a profile! It’s free, and super easy. You even have your own wall, friends lists, and private messages (secrets don’t make friends, mate). From there, you can check out (or create) member groups, and connect with the community even further by checking out our forum boards.

If you dig what we are about, and want to show us some support and love, check out our shop! We have plenty of nifty apparel to fit your every day needs, with new items coming out weekly. Note: I’m always looking for new ideas, so if you have some badass idea for a piece of clothing (or product I should be selling) direct message my profile on here, or email me at kyle@warriorswanted.com. Eventually, we will be releasing a Members Market, where community members can feature and sell their own products and services.

Can’t wait to see you around the community!

Now, go click that big “Start Here” button to get going –>

– Kyle Adams